Celebrating 30 years of quality, Christian Child Care
                                                                                Celebrating 30 years                                    of quality, Christian Child Care

It's All About Your Child

Trinity Lutheran Child Care Center accepts children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old.

  • LDC Center: Roly Poly Class 

6 weeks – 23 months 

4- 8 children

  • LDC Center: Wiggleworm Class 

2 year olds

12 children

  • BDC Center: Butterfly Class

3 & 4 year olds

16 children

  • Bee Hive Class: Busy Bee Class

4 & 5 year olds

18-20 children

  • Youth Center:  Praying Mantices: After School Care

 Kindergarten – 6th Grade

28 children

  • Youth Center: No School Days & Summer Day Camp 28 children


We have returned to our Pre-COVID sick policy.  It can be found in the parent handbook.

We're Here for You


Trinity Lutheran Child Care

486 3rd Avenue West N

Kalispell, MT 59901


406 756-8754


406 407-7049



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Classroom Phone Numbers

Roly Poly 407-2273

Wiggleworms 407-3332

Butterflies  756-2090

Beehive  270-4463

Youth Center  260-2004

Useful Information

Each month we send out a notification for access to our online newletter.  If you have gmail and are not receiving the notification, please check your "Promotions" folder.  If you did not receive the newsletter notification, please make sure the office has your e-mail address. 

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